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Basic Adult & Paediatric Life Support (Including AED Training)

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Basic Life Support - Section 1 (Primary Survey)

Key Learning Objectives

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at healthcare professionals and others who share an interest in the modules or are required to know the basic principles of basic life support.


After completing this course, the healthcare professional should have the theoretical knowledge to be able to:
• Carry out a primary survey in an emergency situation
• Place a casualty in the recovery position
• Treat a casualty who is vomiting or choking
• Perform cardiopulmonary to the Resuscitation Council (UK) 2010 guidelines
• Recognise the difference between a heart attack and angina

This knowledge will be assessed through a multiple-choice question paper (self-assessment), and it is recommended that this theoretical knowledge is followed by optional, practical training.

Each Section is concluded by a short test.
The course should take no more than 2 hours to complete.

Please ensure you have read every page of the course (numbered at the bottom of the screen), otherwise you will not have the option of taking the test.

This course has been verified by Skills for Health against the UK Core Skills Training Framework subject "Resuscitation".

This course provides the knowledge component of the UK Core Skills Training Framework subject "Resuscitation".

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Basic Life Support - Section 2 (Recovery Position)

This section covers:

• What is the Recovery Position?
• When would I use it?
• How do I do it?

Basic Life Support - Section 3 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


This section covers:

• A review of the Primary Survey
• Resuscitation in adults
• Resuscitation in children and babies
• Resuscitation following asphyxia
• Vomiting

Basic Life Support - Section 4 (Choking)

This section covers:

• The difference between coughing and choking
• How to recognise choking in an ADULT
• How to treat an ADULT who is choking
• Choking in children and babies

Basic Life Support - Section 5 (Heart Attack and Angina)

This section covers:

• What is a heart attack?
• What are the signs and symptoms?
• How do I treat it?
• What is the difference between heart attack and angina attack?
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