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This module covers the sixth of fifteen standards of the Care Certificate, 'communication'. It will provide knowledge of using effective communication at work, how to meet the language and communication needs of service users, how to promote effective communication, principles and practices of confidentiality, appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication, and communication aids and technology.

The full list of topics is below:

1. The Different Ways People Communicate
2. Communication and Relationships at Work
3. Why it is important to observe an individual's reaction
4. How to estabilish an individual's communication and language needs
5. Communication Methods and Styles
6. Barriers to Effective Communication
7. Reducing Barriers to Effective Communication
8. How to Check whether Communication has been Understood
9. Sources of Support
10. Confidentiality
11. Legislation
12. Times where confidentiality might need to be broken
13. Support and Advice about Confidentiality
14. Appropriate Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
15. Communication Aids or Technology
16. Concerns

These correspond to the standards and outcomes listed in Standard 6 of the Care Certificate.
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