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COVID-19 Awareness

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COVID-19 Awareness

This course will help the reader manage the threat of COVID-19 when working with vulnerable people in a healthcare setting. It will cover:

• Structure & history of coronavirus
• Understanding symptoms
• Identifying risk groups
• Testing for coronavirus
• Disinfecting and hygiene
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Caring for residents with COVID-19
• Quarantine rules & guidelines.

By the end of the course, the reader will:

• Be able to describe the nature of COVID-19, its origin, and how it is spread
• Understand how to minimise the risk of infection
• Identify the main symptoms of COVID-19
• Understand what you should do if you, or someone you care for, displays symptoms
• Be able to list the key elements of PPE and how it should be used
• Learn how the disease should be treated.

The purpose of the course is not to measure competency in diagnosing or treating patients with coronavirus.

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