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Diabetes Awareness

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Diabetes Awareness - Module 1

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who support people with diabetes, helping them to understand their diagnosis and how to manage their blood sugar (glucose)levels. It is appropriate for all healthcare professionals with little, some or extensive knowledge of diabetes. It is advised that you follow operating clinical guidelines set by your healthcare institution for diabetes management at all times.

This module will cover:
- Diabetes overview - causes, symptoms, effects
- Blood Glucose Meters
- Glucagon
- Blood, Urine, Ketone, C-peptide, Fasting, GAD and glucode tolerance testing
- Patient Care
- NICE target blood glucose levels

Diabetes Awareness - Module 2

This module will cover:

- Type 1 Diabetes
- Diabetic Ketoacidosis
- Care Plans
- Support
- Weight
- Insulin therapy and injections
- Complications

Diabetes Awareness - Module 3

This module will cover:

- Type 2 diabetes
- Diagnosis
- Management
- Medication
- Complications

Diabetes Awareness - Module 4

This module will cover:

- The role of the parent or caregiver
- Diagnosis and management
- Diabetes and pregnancy
- Preparing for pregnancy
- Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
- Handling birth and complications
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