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Duty of Care

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Duty of Care

This module covers the third of fifteen standards of the Care Certificate.

It concerns your Duty of Care, and will provide knowledge on how this contributes to safe practice, optional support, dealing with complaints and comments, dealing with incidents errors and near misses, and dealing with confrontation and difficult subjects.

The full list of topics is below:

1. Defining "Duty of Care"
2. How your Duty of Care may affect your Work Role
3. Your Duty of Care and an Individual's Rights
4. Dilemmas and Conflicts
5. Additional Support
6. Responding to Complaints and Comments
7. Advice and Support Regarding Complaints and Comments
8. The Importance of Learning from Complaints and Comments
9. Recognising Adverse Events, Incidents, Errors and Near Misses
10. What You Must Do or Must Not Do
11. Legislation and Agreed Ways of Working
12. Factors and Situations That Can Cause Confrontation
13. Communication
14. Assessing Risk
15. Accessing Support Around Conflict
16. Agreed Ways of Working

These correspond to the standards and outcomes listed in Standard 3 of the Care Certificate.
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