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Infection Control and Standard Precautions, HAI (MRSA & Clostridium Difficile)

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Infection Control and Standard Precautions, HAI (MRSA & Clostridium Difficile)

Please be aware that this course is included in Online Modules 1-9.

Infection Control and Standard Precautions, HAI (MRSA & Clostridium Difficile) training is mandatory for all Health & Social Care professionals working in direct contact with people who need care, treatment or support and who have the potential to spread infection.

The aim of the course is to help the readers understand issues related to infection control and prevention, ways of reducing the risk and controlling the spread of infection.

The course also discusses responsibilities of workers, effective cleaning techniques, disinfection, sterilisation and handling of sharps, as well the importance of legislation and risk assessment relating to infection control.

All Health and Social Care Professionals need to be aware of the infection control procedures that apply in and around the workplace.

The session identifies:

What infection control is and its importance.

Why we need to contain the spread of infections.

What measures you can take to protect yourself.

Measures you can take to prevent the transmission of infections in the work place.

Sources, routes and chains of infection.

Hospital acquired infections (HAI) and epidemiological changes affecting HAI.

Universal procedures for prevention of cross infection (hands, skin, clothing and equipment).

Training Q&A.

This course has been verified by Skills for Health against the UK Core Skills Training Framework subject "Infection prevention & control".

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