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Privacy & Dignity

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Privacy & Dignity

This module covers the seventh of fifteen standards of the Care Certificate.

It concerns Privacy & Dignity, and will provide knowledge on how understanding the principles surrounding privacy and dignity in care, maintaining these, supporting an individual's right to make choices, and active participation.

The full list of topics is below:

1. Definitions
2. Where Privacy and Dignity Could be Compromised
3. How to maintain privacy and dignity
4. Actions Maintaining the Privacy of an Individual
5. Demonstrating This
6. Personal Information and Privacy
7. Reporting Concerns
8. Helping to Make Informed Choices
9. Risk Assessment Processes
10. Why Your Personal Views Must Not Have Any Influence
11. Challenging Decisions
12. Valuing People
13. Supporting Active Participation
14. Self Care

These correspond to the standards and outcomes listed in Standard 7 of the Care Certificate.
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