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Understanding Your Role

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Understanding Your Role

This module covers the first of fifteen standards in the Care Certificate.

It is based around the Understanding of Your Role, and will provide you with the knowledge of this, how to work in ways agreed with your employer, understanding relationships in health and social care and working in partnership with others.

The full list of subjects covered is below:

1. Your Main Duties and Responsibilities
2. Standards, Codes of Conduct and Practice
3. Agreed Ways of Working
4. Experiences, Attitudes and Beliefs
5. Employment Rights and Responsibilities
6. Values, Aims and Objectives
7. Working With Your Employer
8. Accessing These Agreed Ways of Working
9. How and When to Escalate Concerns (Whistleblowing)
10. Why It Is Important to Identify Errors
11. Responsibilities
12. Differences between a Working Relationship and Personal Relationship
13. Different Relationships
14. Teams and Partnerships
15. Partnerships with Key People, Advocates and Significant Others
16. Helping to Improve Partnership Working
17. Accessing Support

These correspond to the standards and outcomes listed in Standard 1 of the Care Certificate.
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