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Working in a Person-Centred Way

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Working In A Person-Centred Way

This module covers the fifth of fifteen standards of the Care Certificate.

It concerns Working in a Person Centred Way, and will provide knowledge on how understanding person centred values, working in a person centred way, a patient's environment, making others aware if their actions are causing discomfort or distress, supporting individuals to minimise pain or discomfort and supporting the individual to maintain their identity and self esteem.

The full list of topics is below:

1. Putting Person Centred Values Into Practice
2. The Importance of Promoting Person Centred Values
3. Promoting Dignity
4. History, Preferences, Wishes and Needs
5. Changing Needs
6. Future Wellbeing and Fulfilment
7. Environmental Factors
8. Reporting Concerns
9. Distress and Discomfort
10. Raising Concerns Within Your Organisation
11. Other Channels
12. Restricted Mobility
13. Recognising When a Service User May Be In Pain Or Discomfort
14. Appropriate Action
15. Removing Factors
16. Individual Identity and Self-Esteem
17. Attitudes that Promote Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing
18. Encouraging your Service User
19. Concerns

These correspond to the standards and outcomes listed in Standard 5 of the Care Certificate.
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