Complaint and Conflict Resolution Training

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Complaint and Conflict Resolution

Please be aware that this course is included in Online 1-9.

Knowledge of the handling and management of complaints and conflict resolution in the workplace is another requirement for Health and Social Care Professionals.
This session will give you an understanding of these important issues.

Content will cover the following key areas:

Complaint Training:
- What is a complaint
- Types of complaint
- How to deal with complaints correctly
- Complaint responses
- Abuse
- Legislation
- Statistics: official complaints and unofficial complaints
- Complaint Training — Summary

Conflict Resolution:
- Conflict Resolution - Training Objectives
- Legal Definitions of Conflict
- Common Law
- Legal References
- Managing Patient behaviour - The Betaris Box
- Reasons for Communication Failure
- What is a conflict and when does it occur
- Warning signs to consider before the conflict
- How to respond to conflict
- Physical restraint, a last resort
- Conflict Resolution — Summary

This course is accompanied by Audio

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