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Core of Knowledge

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Core of Knowledge Module 1: Laser and Light Technologies

This module outlines the nature of light and laser beams, and the features of laser and light devices used in medical and aesthetic practice.

The learning outcomes of module 1 include understanding:

The basics of optical radiation devices and how they interact with tissue
How different types of optical radiation are produced
The types of active media used in lasers
Emission modes and delivery systems
The characteristics of optical radiation emitted from different equipment
Laser and IPL classifications
Ablative/ non-ablative lasers
Ionising/ non-ionising radiation, and how ionisation works
The intended purposes of different optical radiation equipment

Core of Knowledge Module 2: Risk Assessments, Hazards and Safety

This module will introduce you to risk assessments and the hazards of laser/ IPL use and equipment.

By the end of this section you will be able to:

Define a risk assessment and list its components
Recognise hazards in 4 key areas of risk; equipment, personnel, procedures, and location
Understand health hazards which can arise from the use of laser, IPL or other optical radiation equipment and their effects
Understand hazards caused by optical radiation equipment, including optical beams, electrical hazards, equipment malfunctions, fire risks and smoke plume effects
Understand potential hazards to patients and different staff groups
Know how to minimise the risks associated with these hazards
Know the basic principles of maximum permissible exposure (MPE) levels and how to minimise exposure
Hazards from equipment reflections
Hazard control procedures
The basic principles of the administration of safety
How to conduct a beam alignment
General principles of emergency action and incident reporting

Core of Knowledge Module 3: Safety Legislation, Measures & Management

Laser use is covered by many health and safety legislations which dictate the legal requirements for the safe use of lasers and other optical equipment. These will be covered in this module.

The aims of this module include understanding:

Key legislation related to laser use
Employer/ employee responsibilities
Safety procedures and policies governing the use of optical radiation equipment
Hazard control procedures, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Equipment management protocols to prevent hazards
The role of the Laser Protection Adviser (LPA), Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS), Laser Safety Officer (LSO), authorised users and assisting staff
The principles and requirements of equipment quality assurance processes and procedures
The meaning of warning labels and signs associated with optical radiation equipment
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