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Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness

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Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness - Module 1

Mental Health or ‘emotional health’ or ‘well-being’ are just as important as good physical health but because mental illness is not 'visible', it makes it difficult for others to understand what someone is going through, even for those who are very close to that person

Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness - Module 2

When planning personalised mental health care, medical teams need to consider the whole person and their needs alongside the theory or knowledge about mental health care that they/you already have.

So support this, the learning objectives of this module include:

- To prepare a care plan which is all-encompassing and consider all necessary aspects of individualised care;
- To understand the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions, or learning disabilities;
- To understand how social perceptions can impact on those with learning disability or mental health;
- To understand the adjustments which may be necessary in care delivery relating to an individual who may have a mental health condition, or learning disability;
- To understand the role of medication and how withdrawal may impact upon an individual and how it should be handled.

Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness - Module 3

Many carers of people with mental health problems are concerned about how to respond to the person who is unwell. How can you help carers to set boundaries, and what should they consider to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour?
The learning objectives for this section are:
- To understand and explore the approaches to care that respect service users' independence, choice and human rights;
- To ensure you understand the difference between the use of restrictive practices and restrictive interventions and the appropriateness of their use.

Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness - Module 4

When living with either mental health problems or a learning disability, small things that may seem easy to other people are difficult to achieve.Each person with learning disability is unique.
In terms of work, many are capable of performing a specific job well without requiring any additional assistance or modifications. Many have learned to compensate for their disabilities and seek employment utilising their areas of strength. Others may need additional help at work. It is important that potential employees with learning disabilities know all the required components of a job, allowing them to develop strategies and accommodations that can enhance their job performance.

Mental Health & Learning Disability Awareness - Module 5

The process for handling learning disability and behavioural challenges for children is similar to the process for adults.

As an overview to consolidate knowledge, NICE advise that when assessing challenging behaviour, the person being assessed remains the priority and is supported throughout the process. It is vital that the child or young person and their family members and carers are fully involved in the assessment process.
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