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Safeguarding Children & Young Adults (POCA) - Level 2

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Safeguarding Children & Young Adults (POCA) - Level 2


Risks posed to children through the act of abuse and neglect has been increasingly exposed by the press and by government sources. High profile cases have prompted a response to both a perceived and real threat that seeks guidance from key legislation.

As a result, all those in contact with children, particularly healthcare professionals, are required to be aware of this legislation governing Child Protection, the welfare of children, and understand one's own professional responsibilities. This course provides a up to Level 2 knowledge and understanding of the principles held within the "Safeguarding Children" competency framework, including:

- An introduction to "Safeguarding"
- Key legislation encompassing Child Protection
- Professional responsibilities towards children
- How to recognise and respond to child maltreatment
- How to handle information about a child and their guardian
- Information about the training framework for "Safeguarding"

The course will conclude with a short question and answer session to assess your learning.

Please ensure you have read every page of the course (numbered at the bottom of the screen), otherwise you will not have the option of taking the test.

This course should take up to 60 minutes.

This course has been verified by Skills for Health against the UK Core Skills Training Frameworks subject "Safeguarding children".
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