Stoma Care Awareness Training

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Stoma Care Awareness Training

In this course, we look at the different types of Stomas and how they are used. We will cover what a
healthy stoma looks like, the problems that might be encountered, and changing a stoma bag.
The course covers the following:
• What is a stoma? Why and when stomas are needed
• Different types of stoma and bags
• Daily stoma care
• Changing a stoma bag
• Dietary advice
• Healthy vs unhealthy Stoma
• Advice for getting back to work, exercising and travel
• Problems associated with stomas

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
• Know the reasons why a stoma is required
• Explain the different types of stoma
• Understand the educational needs of patients to address their concerns
• Understand the care involved with stomas and the bags used
• Understand how life continues for users
• Support users with dietary advice
• Suggest ways to manage diet when issues arise
• Recognise stoma issues as and when they arise
• Know how to address or escalate problems.

This course will take around three hours to complete and will provide three CPD points.

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