Syringe Pump Awareness Training

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Syringe Pump or Syringe Driver Training Awareness

This course provides information on the use of syringe pumps, the benefits, and understanding concerns about operating the pump and what to do if there are problems.

This course will cover:

• When to use a syringe pump and how it can be used to manage symptoms when other routes are ineffective
• Which medicines are used and symptoms treated
• Description of setting up a syringe pump to deliver the medicines
• Criteria used in choosing to select a syringe pump as a way of delivering medicines
• How to support a person who is using a syringe pump
• Advice on what to do if a syringe pump stops working
• Useful Video for people using a syringe pump
• A free useful booklet available to download giving information about using a syringe pump

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